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Cheating Spouse

KC -

One of the most common questions asked is if a cheater will continue to cheat over and over.  
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The question most common asked is "will a cheater keep cheating on me?"  The probability of a cheater repeatedly cheating is very high.  In my experience as a PI and through personal experiences, 99% of the cheaters  I have encountered cheat multiple times.

There are two types of persons in a committed relationship.  One person would never cheat, no matter what the circumstance may be.  You could bait  this person in the most secretive situation and that person would NOT cheat.  The other type of person would cheat because they think they can get away with it.  This person does not have the "filter" that the majority of us have in keeping committments and promises.  This person will seize the opportunity to get a phone number, hit on another person, look around at prospects while their partner is with them, and always be on the lookout for something enticing.

You are either a cheater or you are not a cheater.  If you have a cheater on your hands, you will not be able to connect the dots and figure out the mind of the cheater.  They simply do not have the conscience you have.  They do not think ahead and they think they will not get caught.  And, if the cheater gets caught, they will blame you and be angry at you for catching them.

Once a parther has cheated on you, the liklihood of them continuing to cheat is very high (unfortunately)!
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