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Q I have never hired a private investigator before. What do I do?

A Call or email your questions. You may receive a 20 minute free consultation. A private investigator will listen to your needs and work with you to develop a plan of action that gets the desired results. Don’t leave out any details. Even the smallest details can be crucial to your investigation. When you are ready to take a course of action, call Kaizen Investigations at 405-793-1000. The most important advice we can give when hiring a private investigator is to be patient. The worst thing you can do is try to rush through a case. Patience pays dividends.

Q How much does it cost to hire an investigator?

A Our hourly rate is $85-$95 per hour and mileage is $0.75 per mile. Private Investigators work on retainer, just like attorneys. The retainer guarantees that Kaizen Investigations will set time aside for your case. Kaizen limits the number of clients, giving time for each client’s case. The cost depends on the service. If you need a background check, there is a set cost. If you need a locate, there is a set cost. If you need surveillance or interviews, the investigator must work on an hourly basis to complete the task. There is no crystal ball, and each case is different. The agency will set a retainer amount. Time and expense are charged against the retainer. When the retainer is used up, the client will replenish the retainer in order for work to continue. Example: if you need 5 hours of surveillance on 3 different nights in the OKC metro, you would incur a charge of approximately $1500.00. (This is 15 hours of surveillance, mileage, time to edit video/photos and burn to CD/DVD and time to write the official report).

Q How do I pay?

A You can pay cash, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Checks are accepted from law firms. There is a discount if you pay cash.

Q Do you have equipment and cameras?

A We have all the necessary equipment. We have video cameras, photographic equipment with specialty zoom lenses, covert-hidden cameras, night vision cameras, night vision video, audio equipment and long range binoculars. We have invested in the equipment which allows us to perform at an optimum level. We have multiple surveillance vehicles at our disposal.

Q Can you record a conversation?

A Oklahoma is a one party consent state. You may record a phone call or conversation in which you are a party.

Q How do the GPS trackers work?

A The GPS trackers can be mounted underneath or inside a vehicle. You will be given a website to visit with your own user ID and password. You can view the tracker location at any time. You can also view tracker history to see where you target has been previously. The battery level is shown on the internet site. The ping can be set to as low as 5 second intervals and up to 24 hour intervals. You can set alerts to be notified (via text or email) when a party leaves or arrives at a certain location. You are given complete instructions and support in tracker operations.

Q Do i have to put the tracker on myself?

A You can put the tracker on yourself or you can have it done by a Private Investigator. We charge our hourly rate and mileage to put on and take off a tracker.

Q How hard is it to catch a cheater?

A We have many years of experience with cheaters cases. We will ask you questions about the signs of cheating you have seen with your partner. We understand that cheaters have many common behaviors. We can go into bars, restaurants or any place your cheater is frequenting. We can follow the cheater in their vehicle. We can follow the cheater after work. We have a lot of experience with cheaters cases. While you are stressed our and can’t sleep or eat, we are working hard to catch your cheater. We stay in touch with you and report activity as it transpires. We highly suggest catching the cheater at least 2 and preferably 3 times. Cheaters will explain away a single cheating incident. It is harder to explain 2 incidents and 3 times renders the cheater’s lies useless. We will provide photos and video for you. If you need counseling, we can recommend good counselors to help your relationship survive if you so desire. Cheating does not have to be the end of a relationship.

Q I am a grandparent and I am afraid my grandchildren are in danger. What can I do?

A We work many many custody cases. We can help direct you to the results you are seeking. Many times a grandparent knows the grandchild’s parents are drinking alcohol or doing drugs and they simply don’t know what to do to protect their grandchild. We can help. We can get the proof you need to show the courts the grandchild is not being protected. We can recommend good attorneys to help you. We can testify in your case. We have children and grandchildren. We know your heart is breaking and we will do everything we can to help you prove your case.

Q Can you find out what texts are on a cell phone?

A Cell phone forensics can be done to certain cell phones. You would have to have possession of the phone and take the phone to a cell forensic specialist. There is spyware you can purchase over the internet to put on a phone. There are laws and restrictions you must follow when utilizing spyware. We do not give legal advice. You should consult your attorney for any spyware application. The spyware we have used in legal situations is Flexispy.

Q What about spyware on a computer?

A The computer spyware we recommend is www.spectorsoft.com. Remember you must put spyware only on a computer you own. We do not give legal advice. Contact your attorney for legal advice. If we are working a case and the case warrants computer spyware, we will install the spyware for you. We charge our time and mileage plus the cost of the software.

Q Can you testify in court?

A Yes. We have experience in court testimony and will work with your attorney. We have all personally testified in court.

Q Can you help our law firm with locating witnesses?

A Yes. We do witness locates and interviews for law firms. We can assist in civil investigations as well as domestic and matters of family law. We do not do criminal defense work.

Q Are there any services you do NOT perform?

A Yes. We are not a general full service agency. We don’t claim to be experts on everything. How could we be? We do not do counter-surveillance, bug sweeps, forensic accounting, drug testing or computer and cell forensics. We have partners we can refer you to for specialty services. For computer forensics, we highly recommend www.ebastille.com. We have worked with eBastile in the past and find their work to be accurate and professional. For bug sweeps, we recommend David Pierce of Investigative Consultants Unlimited at 405-650-1997. David was in law enforcement and with federal agencies for many years. He has the equipment, knowledge and experience to perform a sweep. We have worked with Investigator Pierce and know his work to be of utmost quality. If you have a need and it is not a service we perform, we will make every attempt to place you with a qualified, experienced investigator.

Q Are you armed?

A Kathleen Close is not an armed investigator.