If you are reading this testimonial, then you are already in an uncomfortable position. Finding the right PI can be a risky task.

I have used Kathleen now on a number of occasions and can tell you that you don’t need to view any more websites. Just give Kathleen a call.

On every occasion Kathleen has been very professional. She has made me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. She has kept every transaction and detail very private, and best of all she has done a terrific job! She will definatly get you results.

As I stated earlier I have used Kathleen several times and would not hesitate to call her up if I need more help.
— C.E.

I hired Kathleen to find an amazing person I met a year ago. I had very limited information on this person. I only had the person’s first name and what they might do for a living. Kathleen listened to me and understood what I wanted to achieve and begin the search. She is very easy to talk to and set up to have open communication with her clients.

Within a short time, Kathleen had found the person I was looking for. The amazing part was the first name I had for the person was the middle name they went by. On all documents found was the legal name of this person and Kathleen had figured that out! I can’t say enough positive things about Kathleen and this experience. I would absolutely hire her again and have full confidence that the job will be done promptly and professionally.

— Sherrie D.

I am writing this note to let you know that I am finally getting to see my grandchildren!

Hiring your services was the best choice I could have ever made. Your help and compassion while I was under one of the most stressful times in my life paid off. Your guidance and conversation kept me grounded through a time in my life that I never thought was going to end.

Your fees were more than reasonable and you went more than the extra mile to help me find the answers I needed. You were kind and always made me feel like I was very important to you !

— Warm Regards, Andie P.

Hiring Kathleen Close and Kaizen Investigations was one of the best things I have done in the search to see if my husband was cheating on me. Kathleen was professional, caring and efficient in her work and quick to respond to my request for assistance. I highly recommend her company for any type of investigative work. They are honest, know their business and are thorough in their work. She was able to have answers for me within 12 hours into her investigation.

Thanks Kathleen!
— Susan S, Canadian County, OK

My divorce was an emotional roller-coaster. I have a stable position working as an RN and my ex-husband is a handyman receiving cash payments. At the beginning of filing divorce paperwork, he wanted full custody of our children under the age of 8 (one having moderate autism that can’t always speak). The ex was evasive to his attorney stating he lived in one trailer but realistically he was living in a different trailer park with his live-in girlfriend. One of his girlfriend’s children had been previously molested and the child was touching my children inappropriately. This divorce took over 1 year and 9 months to finalize.

It became a he/she blame game. The ex claimed he never exposed my children to this child of his girlfriend, claimed he did not live with her, claimed he never left my children alone with her and claimed he never took my children to his girlfriend’s house. He was also very evasive as to where he worked and how he earned money. I felt like I needed to expose the truth. After tracking them down myself I took pictures and videos to show my attorney differently, as she kept informing me after his attorney spoke with her, he would definitely stay away and had been staying away. Needless to say, the girlfriend called the police on me for stalking charges. After explaining to the police my situation, they advised me to hire a PI.

I did contact a PI before hiring Kathleen. That PI promised me the moon, only to realize he wasn’t even driving by the right location for the surveillance. By the grace of God, I contacted Kathleen through the phone book. From the moment I talked to her on the phone, I KNEW she had experience and felt like this was the one I needed to protect my children. Kathleen uncovered everything I had been telling my attorney. In the court system, you have to have hard evidence to confirm your case. I felt my children were safest when I knew Kathleen was watching them. She stops at nothing. Each time I turned in evidence to my attorney it was handed over to his attorney. My ex husband threatened Kathleen a total of 3 times. Some would have bailed. Not Kathleen. She is in it for the long haul. She has the ability to tap into their minds because of seasoned experience. She will not disappoint you. I have full custody of my children now. I would hire her again in a second. She is one one of the most intelligent women I have ever met and on top of that, a heart of gold! Thank You, Kathleen.

— S.K.

The job was done very professionally and on time. My highest appreciations for these guys. You won’t be disappointed working with them.
— Damian, Mexico

Just wanted to say thanks again so much. I have never seen such efficiency in years. I have listened to the cd and it’s incredible! I will let you know hopefully by Wednesday if we need you to testify, but I would almost bet on it and you are by far the best money we have ever spent!!!!!

Hope Your Lasik came out ok. I had it done 10 years and have enjoyed every minute!

Forever in your debt,
— Jody

Kathleen is great! I had no idea what to expect as I had never needed an investigator before, and with this field being so male dominated, I was thrilled when I found her website. She contacted me the same night I emailed her, met me the next day and she was tracking my cheating spouse that night. Throughout the entire stressful process, Kathleen kept me apprised of what was going on, and offered support and suggestions about how to deal with my situation, while still listening and respecting my final decisions. I am so happy I chose another woman as an investigator, and she turned out to be someone as professional yet caring as Kathleen. To anybody searching for a thorough, responsive private investigator, I strongly recommend Kathleen Close, Kaizen Investigations.

— Denise - OKC

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— Pablo

I want to compliment Kathleen Close with Kaizen Investigations for her prompt attention to investigate my step father and step family’s activities in Oklahoma that were going on without my knowledge after my mother passed away. I live in Kansas and it was not convenient or feasible for me to travel to or stay in Oklahoma to safeguard my mother’s estate. It was brought to my attention, in a round about way, that in front of my mom’s husband’s house there was a sign advertising a public auction to be held within a couple of days. When I found this out it was close to 5:00 p.m. and I started looking for private investigators online. I called several (probably 4 or 5) that did not answer, a couple of them I left voicemails to call me (they never did). Finally, I called Kaizen Investigations and Kathleen answered and promptly proceeded to investigate the situation for me. Kathleen went to the property and was able to photograph enough evidence of the step family’s intent to sell things that were part of my mom’s estate. This gave my attorney enough evidence to be able to file a Restraining Order and an Injunction to stop the auction. If not for Kathleen’s investigation, the auction would nothave been stopped and all of my mom’s personal effects would have been sold. The step family was forced to store the items they intended to sell and my attorney scheduled a settlement conference with the step family, their attorney and my family. At that time we were notified where the personal items of my mom’s were stored (at the step family’s friend’s mechanic shop) and the items were to remain in storage until an agreement could be reached. My family was allowed to go to the storage place to see that things were stored there, but we were not allowed to take anything, nor were they allowed to sell or dispose of anything until an agreement could be reached. About a month passed, negotiations were not going well and I had a feeling mom’s belongings had been disposed of. Again, I called Kathleen with Kaizen Investigations. Kathleen was very prompt and precise with her audio/video surveillance. Kathleen revealed my feelings were correct.

My mother’s estate has not been finalized as of yet, but thanks to Kathleen with Kaizen Investigations, at least I know what happened to the things that mom intended my family to have and we have evidence to pursue a replevins case in civil court for the monetary value of the items they kept, sold and/or gave away. Thank you, job well done.

— FK - Kansas
To Whom It May Concern:

Kathleen Close is not only a great investigator, but better yet a great person. I have nothing but the highest respect for her and what she does. Kathleen saved my life and I am so grateful to her. I would hire her in a heartbeat if I ever needed her service again.

— Ozzie - Ohio
Kathleen Close was my choice to investigate the unusual happenings that were invading my family’s life on a daily basis. We had been stalked for a year, with harassing phone calls, hang up calls, text messages, instant messaging, email accounts that had been hacked into, and many other odd happenings. The police did nothing for us, and seemed to be oblivious too these electronic crimes. We live in a very small town and I knew that I had to find some help, some way. I researched several Private Investigators on the Internet and emailed a few and told them of my predicament. And no one responded. Then I found Kathleen. It was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for my family! She has been nothing but professional in her efforts and has attended meetings with me with my attorney and has assisted me many, many times in many different ways. She knew that we were scared when we started getting death threats and finding a dead deer in our yard that had been shot in the head. Now if that doesn’t spook you nothing will! We had also had one dog poisoned and another one missing. We had about lost our sanity. And Kathleen has restored that to us with her talents and expertise. She is knowledgeable in so many areas. She set up a security system in my home and that helped us to feel secure in our own home once again. She has literally saved us from a predator that has no conscience and no regard for the law. If you ever have anything that you need to find out, she’s your girl. Some people might think that a women can not do this kind of work, but let me tell you – that is one of the reasons why I chose her. Women are more intuitive about everything and I knew that if anyone could catch these predators, it would be her. And I was right! Don’t look any further, she’s your girl! You won’t regret it!

— Karley – Southern Oklahoma

We were in dire need of a third party to complete some surveillance with photo,

video, telecommunications and written documents. Being over 300 miles from the person needing to be surveyed, we scouted several prospective private investigators. Our journey into this dark endeavor was unsettling to say the least. We interviewed several attorneys and their recommended private investigators. We are here to tell you that some people will stoop to levels so low it would be unwise for even the deadliest of snakes to tread. Just as we were about to give up we stumbled across Kaizen Investigations. We asked all the questions that we had learned to ask during all this process and were pleasantly surprised by the candid responses of Kathleen Close of Kaizen Investigations. We discussed the type of surveillance and the documentation that we would need to build the best discovery for our legal case. Kathleen not only had the experience in this field, she had exposure to resources that could further assist us in making the right choices for the right type of surveillance and necessary documentations. Kathleen provided us with telecommunications (sometimes in 10 minute intervals), photographs, conversation recordings, and video documentation. Our experience with Kaizen Investigations not only made this venture easier, Kathleen somehow made it somewhat enjoyable. If you are looking for a private investigator that earns their fee, look no further than Kaizen Investigations.

— M - Kansas

“Kathleen is an absolute professional. She’s intuitive, sharp, hard-working, and great at what she does. I hired Kathleen when going through one of the most challenging situations I could have ever imagined. Her knowledge and insights into the job and the circumstances surrounding it helped guide me through unfamiliar territory. Kathleen’s services ultimately produced information that aided in protecting my family and closing my case favorably. You don’t need to look anywhere else for PI services. She’s the one you need”.

— N.S.

Dear Kathleen,

I just want to say that we are very happy with Kaizen Investigations. From the first initial meeting we were very comfortable with Kaizen and have trusted them with our very special problem. They have been very professional in all of the surveillance activities that have been necessary. We cannot give our names at this time as the case is still on going. However, after our case has been settled we will be glad to post our names.

— Anonymous
If you are reading this testimonial, then you are already in an uncomfortable position. Finding the right PI can be a risky task.

I have used Kathleen now on a number of occasions and can tell you that you don’t need to view any more websites. Just give Kathleen a call.

On every occasion Kathleen has been very professional. She has made me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. She has kept every transaction and detail very private, and best of all she has done a terrific job! She will definatly get you results.

As I stated earlier I have used Kathleen several times and would not hesitate to call her up if I need more help.

— C.E.

If you are searching this web site looking for help to resolve unanswered questions about someone in your life that has bestowed doubt in your mind, please read on.......I highly recommend and stand firmly in my testament that Kathleen is a genuine PI that knows the business and delivers results. She is professional and will be very discrete in handling your case. I happened to find her by some guiding force that led me to her when i was searching for answers. Kathleen’s specialty in my view is exposing cheaters, male or female alike.....A cheater is a cheater.....And a liar is a liar......I became one of her cases after a 26 year marriage where I learned of the infidelity from the liar’s mouth, but it’s is what happened after the confession that I had to learn. I was married to the all time epitome of cheaters! The bastard decided he needed to go “find himself” to commit back to the marriage. If these little signs are going off in your head and things just don’t add up......Listen to those gut instincts and call Kathleen’s PI serivces. Well, he decided to move out to find his happiness and it was not to be known where he was or where he slept at night.......So being worried as a good faithful wife would be, I tried to find him. It became a relentless game and I was the one betrayed, yet taking on more of his controlling self-centered juvenile behavior. In my roller coaster of a ride and spinning around in uncontrolled circles, I found the PI who is a straight shooter, confident, professional and discrete. I so wanted answers and she said “are you ready to learn the truth?”.......I said to Kathleen, “the truth will set me free”. I still remember those words very distinctly as we met for the first time. She spent countless hours with me on this case and gave me the biggest heartfelt hug as we departed from our first meeting on finding answers I needed. I made a friend for life. Within a day’s work, the tracker was placed on the cheating bastard’s vehicle and the truth was known. With video and pictures captured by her PI on a hot summer day, there lays the cheater at the pool-side, living together at a very plush apartment complex (she was also married). Game over! It was a rough ride; the trust set me free....Every move the cheater made, Kathleen nailed it 100% on what his action and words would be. She knows the profile and mind set of a cheater! She is amazing and has been my angel through my ordeal dealing with infidelity. Her work allowed me to set myself free and find myself again. I am in a happier and better place because of her work and through her encouragement to seek truth. Time has now passed and I have found a new man in my life that treats me like his Cinderella! She told me that day would come; just find yourself and be you again. Life is good. If you have questions please give her a call and speak with her for I am testament to the dedicated work she puts into each unique individual case.

— Dorothy W.

Dear Kathleen:

My wife and I are very appreciative of the prompt assistance you offered when we contacted you via e-mail regarding her half-sister (whom she has not heard from in over 30 years). The totality of the information you were able to provide will be extremely helpful in re-connecting my wife to her past.

We were pleasantly surprised how immediate was your response to our inquiries, as well as the depth of the information you were able to provide us in a relatively short time period (Less than twenty-four hours).

If the response/s we obtained from you during this process are any indication of the level of professionalism displayed by your agency, we are certain that others can be assured of the same sort of results that you have achieved for us. As a retired law enforcement professional, it is gratifying to find persons in your line of work who readily “drop what they are doing” to provide assistance such as you offered us. We would highly recommend your services to any/all who find themselves in need of a private investigator; even to those of us located several states away from Oklahoma.

Many thanks for the efforts you extended !

— Steve and Louise Peasley

How I found my Private Investigator

As I became less able and more frustrated over the months to find the answers I needed for the situation I found myself in, I was very perplexed and lost on what to do. From somewhere a thought entered my mine to find a private investigator to whom no one else would know or suspect in obtaining the help and answers to my very troubled life. I had a conversation with myself if such a person really existed out their beyond the theatrical TV shows of private investigator. Being somewhat skeptical of finding such a person, I started my search, which lasted about an hour of finding a name of a PI in my local area. I didn’t want to waste anymore time, I needed answers so I could make decisions on what I had to deal with. I went back and forth between an ad via the internet and the phone book. Still some what skeptical about the idea my thoughts guided me to select the PI listed on a web page. I said to myself. “ it never hurts to ask the questions and see where it leads you”. I made the call, very nervous and anxious in hopes to find someone to help me that would seek the truth for me and without causing any suspicion or raising a red flag until I had the truth be known to me. I called late afternoon around a 6 P.M. time frame. As I dialed the PI number, I was relieved someone actually answered the phone. It was the PI person herself. She was driving home from her days work in the field and was on her way to get a bite to eat. I asked if she could help me and given a few details of my situation, she said I had found the right person and my situation was her specialty. I just wanted to break down in tears. I was so wound to tell my story and seeking her help. She was there for me in more ways than I can write in words. What she did for me over the next couple hours on the phone was a God send. She knew the things I would have to face more than I could imagine what was coming at me. The first meeting was set in a public place just outside of town to discuss and plan our moves in resolving the situation that was not obtainable by me alone. I had to say “wow”, the professionalism given and timely manner in handling of the case was phenomenal. I have experienced first hand the workings of a real P.I. in the world, not only was she an P.I. to me, but a loyal friend and my angel that gave me my new wings to set sail on my life’s journey. The care given to my case speaks volumes of the person she is a P.I. and the countless hours she spent with me as a friend in working with me through my situation. It has made me a stronger person. I give her enormous credit in setting me on my journey in the right direction. My expectations of what a P.I. could do for me was more than I had expected. An angel sent to me in my darkest days that lead me through to the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be forever grateful and appreciative of the wisdom and care given to me and will always be known as her “Cinderella” story.
— Dorothy

I hired Kathleen when I was in most desperation trying to locate my son. It was an unfortunate child custody dispute I got into and the people involved were travelling in multiple states in America and internationally.

After talking to her a couple times, I felt I would be taken good care of. She was even thinking ahead of me as I had little knowledge of the complexity of this issue with multiple states involved. She also hooked me up with a local attorney that is needed to get an out-of-state court order domesticated. This is something I wouldn’t know and would not be able to do without her help. She was with me in the court to support me and I could feel her emotion with me and my son when we finally got the local court order.

After a few days of good planing and when it came to execution, it was flawless. Everything was so smooth, the team, timing, equipment, and communication. It was like watching a movie by professionals. We were full of joy when I finally see my son after almost two month separation.

Kathleen, you are the guardian of my son!

— W.S. Bejing, China